I’m in Heat

colonywestI had the day off of work today.  That meant catching up on some needed sleep.  Waking up at 4:30-5:00 am for these weekend rides has been killing me.  So today I slept until 8:3o, then bumed around the house.  The family was planing on going to the pool around 1:00 and my plan was to run there.

I know only and idiot would go out in the 100+ heat index, but an old wise man (Jefon)  told me “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”  What this means is you have to train how you race.  If it is going to be hot out at a race, running inside on the treadmill is not going to help you….   The heat is part of the adventure.

I headed out with no shirt and a bottle of Gatorade (I ran out of blue and had to drink orange.)  I missed my long run on Sunday, due to a prolonged wedding hangover, so I thought I would get as many miles as I could between home and the pool.

I headed down Washington and over to the park.  4 miles.  I stopped at the park and refilled my bottle at a foutain.  I then headed down Park street to Cherry.  Up to Chatham Road and over to Iles.  Did I mention it was hot out?  I made it to Coloney West and took a cold shower.

The pool really wasn’t all that cool, but I eventually stopped sweating long enought to apply some sunscreen, buy a bottle of Gatorade and take in some rays.