If I had a nickel for every car…

car_vs_cyclistsHow many times has a car pulled  up to and intersection not stopping before the sidewalk?  Not looking your direction and then continuing to pull out.  

If I had a nickel…

For some reason, even if you are running against traffic (on the sidewalk) drivers do not look the direction they want to turn.  The check and make sure no one will hit them, but never if they will hit someone else.

These things only come to mind when running.  But turn the tables and you become one of these crazy ass drivers.  That is why I want to remind everyone including myself to pay more attention to sidewalks, runners, walkers, kids and bikes.    The warmer it gets the more aware you need to be. 

All of this on a simple hour run from my house.  One person tried to run me over, thinking I didn’t even deserve the gutter.  The other just wasn’t paying attention.

Just be kind and wave, and smile with a thank you (for being a complete idiot.)