I Wasn’t Thinking

The Thursday night training race started with a command from Gary D.  “We are going to take it easy tonight.”  I think it was interpreted as “Lets ride like bats out of hell!”  Right from the get go, there were two people off the front.  It was as if no one cared, and we would catch them in due time.  The crowed started to thin and the chase began.  As we left Farmingdale road, I accelerated around the corner, hoping I would get a couple takers.   I lit a match that I didn’t have  and ended up in no man’s land.  I probably came within  100 meters of the pursuant, but couldn’t close the deal.

I started falling back until the group swallowed me up.  I was able to stay with them until we hit a hill.  People were accelerating, but my legs had nothing to give.   I stayed off the back for the next mile or so, thinking I could get back on.  But it didn’t happen.

I got dropped!

What a sad story.  I was going to cut the course and meet back up, knowing it would be a gutter ball ride on the way back.  To my luck a rider “BrokeBack” turned around headed back. I decided to ride back into town with him. 

We took it easy, taking turns pulling.  At this point, it was cold, dark and I could not feel either of my feet.  I couldn’t wait to get home.  With about two miles left to go the lead pack came from behind.  I jumped on their wheels, to shorten the painful stretch.

I made it back. 

Two good rides this week was not in the card.  I am not quite strong enough yet.  Give me another month…