I might be a Vampire

taste of bloodThe New City Time Trial is a great place to test out your racing gear.  You know those awkward aero helmet that you only wear in races, race wheels, aero bars, or tt bikes in general.  A lot of gear is race specific and you need to train, at least a little, using it before the big day.

The turn out was great, I am guessing we had at least 20 people.  Quite a few Team Mackers, but also plenty of triathletes.  I think the big difference between the crowds is that the road cyclist are there to kill themselves.  Putting every ounce of energy into each and every peddle stroke.  You can do that in a time trial.

The triathletes on the other hand are more conservative.  Every event is about the next event.  You swim to conserve energy for the bike. You bike to conserve energy for the run.  Well, the run, is just that.  You give everything you got left.

I am not sure where I fit in…

Coming out to this bi-monthly tt is a must!  It is a well organized unofficial good old fashioned time trial, thanks to Steve Schien.  Don’t forget your $1.00 to pay our volunteer time keeper.

Tonight’s event went off with me being staged in about 6th place.  People are staged on their previous times.  I was there at least once last year, maybe twice.  In my opinion, I was mis-staged, but took advantage of it.

It was a North wind, which meant, tail wind out and head wind back in.  Kind of deceiving, but I took full advantage of the tail wind.  From the start, I quickly brought my speed to over 30mph.  You gotta love a tail wind.  About 5 minutes into the ride, my top end hovered at 28.  I kept a heavy spin of around 100rpms.

I got close to the turn-around and realized it had been moved forward.  So after slamming on the breaks in confusion, I turned around and headed back.

The way back I knew I could sustain 22mph.  I had warmed up on the course and knew how the headwind felt.  I kept it steady and sucked it up.  About 1.5 miles from the finish my hip flexor started cramping up on me.  I put it in an easier gear and increased my cadence to the finish.

I was the first back in with a time of 23:53.  Robo was unable to pass me!  yahoo!  Of course I probably had a 10 minute head start 🙂

I immediately went back to the Jeep and put on my running shoes, and headed down the road.  I didn’t run very far.  I just wanted to see how my legs felt.

My legs felt pretty good.  My toes on the other hand were numb.  My mouth had the taste of blood, and I didn’t even bite anyone…

The taste of blood only seems to happen this time of year.  I am not use to the anaerobic stuff.  But in general, I think it means I had a good workout.  If the taste in my mouth wasn’t enough, I continued to hack and cough all the way home.

I am looking forward to the Pioneer Sprint Tri on Saturday!