I Love My Profile

profileIt seems like the days have been flying by without a run.  The multisport lifestyle is so tough when you are not a morning person.  Sure I can get up at 4am to head to a race, but I can’t make it up at 6 to train. At least not a regular basis.   So today started off with a lunch time run of 4.5 miles.  It was sunny for a change.  The last few days have been nothing but clouds and rain.

My entire run I was thinking about the time trial after work.  I had a pretty good time a few weeks ago, and with all the rain lately, I seem to be having an off week.

After work I headed out to New City.  The parking lot was bare, but I saw Jason’s truck on the side of the road.  The clouds were rolling in again, after a long sunny day.  The wind on the other hand seemed to be dying down.

I pulled the bike out of jeep and mounted my profile water bottle.  The humidity was rather high, and I figured I could use plenty of water for the short 11 mile ride.  There is something about being able to take a drink of water at will, and wetting a dry mouth.  You never have to leave your aero position and lose precious seconds.   I love my profile water bottle.

Another great turn out.  I lined up towards the back.  The person in front of me…. Andy Lister.  Talk about a carrot…  And not only was it Andy Lister, but Andy Lister on a time trial bike.  I did not have a chance in hell of catching him.  Behind me was Dan Dungan.  He might be my new Nemesis!  I asked Dan why no one told me to wear my wind shoe covers.  (Dan had a pair on)  Every second counts in a time trial, as he joked about my velcro straps flapping in the wind.  I think he was just trying to sike me out.

My turn came and I went out fairly strong.   I figured I could do around 27-28 on the way out.  Or at least that is how it felt during warm  up.  It was hard.  I am not sure what I was thinking.  But no one was passing me yet, and all 5 of the big wigs were behind me.

The turn around came and Andy had gained a ton of ground on me.  I could see Betty Chesser, but she was riding strong too.  I worked my way up to Jeff NIL8 Williams and just then, Justin zoomed by me.  He was flying.  I tried to dig a little deeper and speed up, but I could only hold that pace for a short time.  Shortly after that, about a mile from the finish it was Robo’s turn.   He came flying by, and once again I tried to pick up the pace to the finish.  28 mph into the wind was just a little too much for my legs.  I could feel the cramps setting in and I think I was going cross eyed from staring at my front wheel.

I had written my previous time of 25:41 on my hand to motivate myself at the finish to keep pushing it.  I ran accross the line in 25:26.  15 seconds off my previous effort.  I felt pretty good about that time.

By the time I cooled down and changed and put the bike in the car the results were in.  6th place for the night, not bad, but I ended up 1 frickn’ second behind Dungan! 1 second???  I could only think about the shoe wind covers, or maybe it was when I took a second to lift my visor to wipe my brow…

It was a good night.  Check out all the results here.