I Like the Girl in Pink

Todays recovery included the Iron Girl full body workout. I love hitting the bike the day after a long run. I was sore but riding is easy in comparison. The few brief times I got to look at the tv screen, I decided I like the girl in pink the best. I guess it just makes the time go by… I do feel sorry for all the girls in the video because they taped the workout on top of a building in the middle of summer. It looks really hot and here I am riding inside on a 70 degree day in March.

The core workouts really got me pumped but I was hurting by the time we got to the lunges. I also incorporated more more weight later in the day.

I have also been on the N.O. Explode and Cellmass suppliments for 2 weeks now. I think these have really helped shape my body. I checked in on the scale again and my weight really didn’t change – 155 but my body fat percentage was down to 14.7.