I Heart Podcast

If you didn’t already know, I love podcasting.  Listening, watching, creating.  On todays long run, I made sure my iPhone was up to date with my subscription of podcast.  Looking at going around 10 miles, I knew exactly how many podcast I would need.

I started out with the Competitor Radio ShowBob Babbitt and Paul Huddle are always great to listen to.  The usually are interviewing some of the top athletes in the world of multi-sport.  Today I hand picked one of their latest episode with Mark Allen. Mark goes on to talk about his 6th Kona win in 1995.  It was a great story and it was truly inspiring.  Mark also has a new book coming out in December, called Fit Soul, Fit Body.After listening to him, I am definitely going to preorder a copy.

I also caught up with the Endurance Planet. Three episodes to be exact. These are somewhat short, so you alway have time for a few. The first was Breakaway Friday: Road Warriors. Legendary author and runner Hal Higdon had a “neat idea” years ago to run all the way across Indiana. In his story entitled Road Warriors we find out what happens when neat ideas become realities.

The next was a heart felt story, Beginner Triathlete of the Month: Christine “Lucy” Rusher. This past July, Christine ‘Lucy’ Rusher, a wonderful, well loved member of the Beginner Triathletecommunity passed away suddenly after a very brief illness. She left behind a loving husband and two young sons. Christine was a long time, active member of BT and her illness and passing tremendously shocked and saddened many of us. To honor her memory, celebrate her life, express our joy for having known her and our sorrow for having lost her, Endurance Plant put this podcast together.

And finally, Cool Hand Craig and Increased Performance. Maybe you’ve noticed it while watching a professional football game or during an Ironman. Elite athletes are using a variety of methods to cool a single hand in order to realize significant gains in performance. Why are they doing this and does it really work? In this episode we hear from Stanford researcher Craig Heller who made the amazing vacuum discovery.

An hour and a half later, I kind of forgot that I was running.  Each podcast swept my mind away and kept me going like a robot.  If you havent’ tried listening to podcast (free!)  I would suggest downloading iTunes and searching and subscribing in the iTunes podcast directory.  You can also take a look on our links page for all the multi-sport podcast that I listen to.  

What are you listening to? Let us know by commenting below.