I Don’t Like the Gap

echelonThis may seem like a harsh statement.  Sure the khakis are slim, the polos are colorful, but the space between cyclist on a windy day is another story.  Leaving a “gap” in the echelon should be a sin.

It was training race Tuesday and winds were out of the south 20-30 mph, with 42 mph gust.  The course  heads west.  So that means gutter balls all night.  You can only fit about 4 to 5 rider in echelon before hitting the “gutter” or the edge of the road.  So you must stay in the top 8 riders to survive. 

In the rotation of the echelon, each rider must stay on the wheel ahead of them.  When you get to the front, and rotate back, you are now on the riders wheel that was just behind you.  If you do not stay on the wheel at this time or any time in the rotation, this is a “gap.”  The gap will not only make it harder on you, it will effect everyone behind you.  If you gap, you will most likely get dropped, or make the people behind you get dropped.

It may not seem like a big deal, but I guarantee it is easyer to suffer a minute longer then it is to ride alone in the wind.

So with that said…

The ride probably one of the toughest of the year.  The wind takes so much out of you.  I stayed with with the group for the entire ride.  I didn’t challenge any sprints, but did lead out many.  I finished two water bottles, a hammer gel and a pack of sport beans, but My legs were cramping at the end. 

Another 38 for the night and most likely for the week.

Oh,  I also ran 5 mile earlier in the day.