How it all fell apart

trisports_2047_55404047Just the other day I was at the pool and noticed how my favorite De Soto Forza tri short just all of a sudden fell apart.  They were basically see threw.  Not a pretty sight.  The label on the shorts says clear as day, do not use in chlorinated water.  Well, duh!  

So I got on line and order another pair from .  I also decided it was time for  a new pair of goggles, my old aqua sphere ones were getting pretty scratched up.

This however didn’t solve my swim suit problem.  So I stopped in at Sportmart and picked up some Jammers?  (I guess that is what they call them.  Not really sure why.)  

So today at lunch I headed to Club South to hit the pool.  I went to the locker room, got dressed, then noticed that my goggles were not in my bag.  Son of a Bitch!  I started thinking… Where could I have left them.  I think the last time I swam I hung them on the hook at the shower.  But that was Sunday. 

I went in to the pool area and scoured the bins to see if there was an extra pair laying around.  Nothing!

I said “screw it” and went back to the locker room and got dressed.  Well actually, I thought for a moment, could I swim without them?  What am I…. a six year old?,  Hell no… my eyes will burn and get all red.

I headed back out, and stopped at the front desk…

Aaaaaaaaa, you got a lost and found?

Any blue goggles?  

Nope, that’s not them, Nope that’s not them.  Ok you don’t have to dig that deep, I just lost them on Sunday…

I headed back to the Jeep and decided if I couldn’t swim, I was headed to Jimmy Johns. 

I went and ate by myself in self pity, then headed back to work.

Tomorrow is another day… and hopefully better.