Hotter than a Soccer Mom

soccermomThe heat index was reaching the upper 90s.  Jason and I got started with a short 5 mile loop before hooking up with the guys at Bike Tek.  Gary claimed we would go out easy at 80 to 90 percent (easy???)  and that we were going to do the LONG course tonight.

A huge group of riders came out to see if they would melt.

The ride didn’t start out to bad, but some people couldn’t hold back.  It was in their blood to attack.  By the time we reached the long keyhole  people were dropping like flies.

We slowed up considerably when we started heading East out to the keyhole.  I wouldn’t say the road was rocked, but there were piles on the left, the right and in the center.  This was the site of the big wreck last year.  Everyone was cautious.   Exiting the keyhole  we waited up for Jason, who was suffering his usual heat stroke.

Then the hammer went down and no one was going to get away tonight.  People were too smart to let any of the strong players get out front.

We came up to the first of the final two climbs.  I accelerated to string the group out while  going up the hill.  Things started to get tense.  Eric attacked and had a couple other follow.  I tried to climb that next hill the best I could, but couldn’t catch on.  Then Andy (x-nemesis) came flying by.  I grabbed on to his wheel.  He did a great job of pulling those guys back in.  I tried to to attack one more time, but it was short lived.  I had nothing left, the few behind me came screaming by to the finish.

I had salt on my body, sweat in my eyes and two empty bottles.  It was hotter than a soccer mom out there tonight!  Stay hydrated!