Holy Cow Pie!

After a late Friday night in St. Louis for Julie’s birthday, I arrived back in town just around noon.  I missed out on the Fat Ass 5k, but Jason had that covered. We had plans to ride with Eric and John again at 1:00.  I made it just in time for the ride.

The weather was cool and we had a north west wind.  We had thought about heading to the Burg again, but for some reason Jason suggested going to Plains.  Looking back on that decision….. it was a good idea.

100 holy cows

We rode out to Salisbury and then headed to plains.  We came accross a field of cows.  Seeing cows is not a odd thing around Springpatch, but seeing 100 of them in a herd by the fence is.

Trying hard to entertain ourselves on the ride we stopped for a photo op.  Jason offered to take a picture, saying that I was always behind the camera.


The fun stopped at the cows.  John reminded us that social hour was over and he need to train.  Ya know he has an Ironman coming up!  He put the hammer down.  I held on for dear life.

That would be the case for the rest of the ride home.  I got a good 35 miles in.

Sunday I put in a long run to Washington park.  My legs felt strong enough to make it 10 miles.  Another good weekend of training.