Holiday Miles

A wonderful week of miles.  The weather was somewhat mild.  I was able to get out several times on the bike and even a few runs.  Putting in over 150 miles on the bike this week was huge.  Do I have to remind you that it is November?Team Mack Ride

My week started on Tuesday with a solo ride in the morning.  I did a decent size loop around Springfield only to ride the last 10 miles through town in the cold rain.  I ended up with 72 miles.

On Thanksgiving day, I went over to the park for the “Cold Duck Run”, a do as you please run.  The lunch with Eric group and a few others showed up.  We did a “5” mile loop according to Eric.  The same 5 mile loop they have been doing for the last 10 years.  According to my Garmin it was just under 4 miles, but who are you going to believe Eric or my Garmin?

On Black Friday I met up with Team Mack to brave the cold temperatures. It was a small group, and we could only manage 40 miles and a foot in a dogs face (Mark S. did it).

Saturday was a day of redemption.  Everyone came out of the wood work.  We easily had over 25 riders.  Mr. Black from St. Louis was also able to join in.  The ride was interupted just after the start when Robo went down.  No one really knows what happened.  I reached down and pulled his bike off of him.  He didn’t move for several seconds.  But he cowboy’d up and got back on his bike.  By the time we got to Woodside Road, he realized he shouldn’t be riding, so he made a phone call.  Turns out he had a concussion.   The ride continued toward Auburn (for the 100th time) and we had a few good accelerations on the way back in.  57 miles for the day.

Sunday was the day after my sister Kim and Stevens (aka bushwacker) wedding, and I was not feeling up to par.  It took me until the late afternoon before I could make it out.  But I still did it, and feel better about myself for getting out.  An 11 mile run to the park, taking in a few extra hills to prepare myself for the FrostBite.

I am going to try to stay “dry” this week and nurse my UPI (definition 1, not 3)  from break-dancing with chap stick in my pocket.