High-n-Tri and Jimmy Johns

My morning started off early, taking the kids school, and coming back for a morning weight session.  After a some heaving lifting, I took to the road for 6.5 miles of easy running.

After the run I cleaned up and had to head up to Chicago.  Libertyville to be exact.  I took a short detour through Arlington Heights.  I had to stop by the Runners High and Tri.  This is the place The Age Grouper’s talk about all the time.  They have actually done several podcast from the store. 

I always feel like a kid in a candy store, going into this place.  Last March when I was there, I picked up my pair of Newtons.  They have a great line of merchandise.  Everything from swimming to running, and tri clothing.  Stuff from Pearl Izumi, Zoot, Newton, 2XU, Keen.  And yes Kim they have the pink Newtons.

After salivating in the store I worked up an appetite.  I pulled out my iPhone, and did a quick search for Jimmy Johns based on my current gps location.  To my surprise, I just about died and went to heaven… there was one just a block over.

Days don’t get much better than this…