Have you seen my motivation?

I sure as hell can’t find it.  24 hours of rain and darkness has really been cramping my style.  So today around 2:00 the sun peaked through the clouds.  Just long enough to make it out for a run.  4.47 miles at a 8:04 pace, at least that is what my new garmin 310xt said.  You can check out my workout on Garmin Connect.

Tonight after work, I headed to the Springfield Tri Club Social.  They had Bob and TJ from Bike Tek come in and talk about winterizing your bike (cleaning) and the difference between wind, mag and fluid trainers.
Tri Club Social

Tom, from R&M also came in and brought a giant rack of winter cycling clothes to take a look at.  A decent turn out, but could have been better.  Did you have something better to do? Come on Leah brought in Corona and limes!

Nice job, Leah and Brenda!