Happy Holidays

This post is from me to you and Lance Armstrong.  I would like to wish all the HardyBreed Rabbits out there a Merry Christmas.

And for Lance….  What the hell are you thinking???  Obviously you are not shooting blanks.  Your one ball is working just  fine!  But with another kid on the way, I want to say congratulations. 

I really think Sheryl Crow is going to be disappointed.  She really wanted to have a child, but she ended up adopting.


  And what about the Olsen Twins?


Kate Hudson?  When do you find the time?


And now Anne Hansen… Who?  I guess she is a competitive Mt. Biker out of Colorado who will bare his 4th child.  Whooh, kids are expensive…  And what a distraction for your come back.  I wonder how that will workout with the Tour de France….


With that off my chest… Merry Christmas Lance!