Good luck in Chicago

At first you would think, “Luck”  what the hell are you talking about?  I have been training for months, there’s no luck involved, it is all about the training.  Well in all honesty training will only get you so far.  In multisport there are just too many variables that could ruin a race.  This is where luck comes in…

I could eat the same pop tarts every morning for a year, but come race day, that pop tart mixed with nerves and a little coffee could cause you some trouble.  You just don’t know.  Every race is a crap shoot if you ask me.  You either have a good race or a bad one, there’s no in between.

So I will take all of the “Good lucks” you can bless me with.

And by the way you can track Me (my name will be David Friedman #7119 on Sunday), my sister Kim, Lunch with Eric and the whole Springfield crew online.

  • David Friedman (Me)
  • Kim Graves
  • Eric Sommer
  • Nicole Sommer
  • David Egan
  • David Drennan
  • Alex Taft
  • Mark Birtch
  • Wes Wooden
  • Jim Cinotto
  • Matt Burns
  • Bryan Glass
  • Tracy Dowell
  • Bill Owens

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Good luck to everyone!