GI Runs My Workout

It was suppose to be workout #2 of week 6.  I chose to do a 10 mile run at race pace.  I headed out to do the Washington Park loop.  I keep a steady pace of 7:45, and felt pretty decent.  On the return with just over 2 miles to go, I started having some GI problems.  What did I eat, kept running though my head.  Oatmeal w/ bannanas for breakfast, subway ham sandwich w/ jalopenos  for lunch.  I didn’t start my run until 3 hours after lunch. Where did I go wrong.  This is the first time in a long time that this has happened.  

With the breaks being applied, I started to walk.  Bathroom/outhouse locations started running through my mind.  Trees, fences, a sucluded area…  I had nothing!

I continued to walk, with a slight jog every so often, only to slowed by goosebumps.  I have never walked 2 miles before.  My pace was now just below 14:00. 

I got to the front of my subdivision, and thought to myself, I can do this!  By this time, the temperture was dropping and I could not feel my finger tips.  I cut across a vacant lot, only to discover the ground was rather soft.  With my shoes now caked in mud, I left my tracks all the way home. 

 I made it home!  Now get out of my way!