Getting Tough

I was browsing through Runners World and came upon a short article about enduring pain.  A woman was riding her bike to a half marathon.  On the way there, she crashed, fracturing both arms.  Not knowing the extent of here injury, she got back on the bike and headed to the race.  She completed the half 20 minutes off her normal pace.

Some might call her stupid, some may call her crazy.  I call that being mentally tough!

There are a lot of people out there that would probably do the same.  Looking back this summer, I think I would have thought a lot more of Jason, if he would have got up and continued the ride with his bone protruding his shoulder.  Now that would have been a story!

Anyhow, my 5 miles today didn’t include any falls or getting run over.  It was a day to enjoy the beautiful weather.

I am Monster crazy…