Getting the band back together

frank_andy_schleck_brothersThe temperature was in the 70s today!  I had no choice but to get out and ride.  I did my usual stream of text msgs, tweets and emails, to round up the posse.  It is not easy getting people out to ride in November, so I put a little guilt on them.  Jason is still on the down and low.  I tried…  Clarence, well, I guess he had some wedding plans to take care of.  Eric, Neff, Lawyer and even a HardyBreed rabbit, Mr. Black, made it out, all the way for STL.

To make this ride as painless as possible, we met up with the Mackers for a 9:00 am ride.  What a turn out.  One by one, riders kept rolling up.  We even had an appearance form the Schleck brothers.

With 20+ riders we headed out towards Raymond, IL.  With the halfies turning around after Auburn.  We went out through town on the new bike trail.  If you haven’t been out there yet, it is a messed up trail.  I guess they developed the 3-4 flat switchbacks for retail development.  Let’s just say… it is not a quick way to get out of town.

By the time we made it to Chatham, I had 15 miles in already, and we didn’t even start the ride yet.

With a peloton of this size we had more than enough conversations going on. But before I knew it, we had hit the T south of Auburn.  Our small group with time constraints decided to flip.  A tail wind back home made for an easy ride.  We even picked up the pace on the way into Chatham. I will blame Lawyer for that!

By the time I made it back through town I had 50 miles in for the day.  Not bad for November!