Jason reminded me that we have never really done the Tuesday/Thursday training rides this late in the year. I think it was just last year when the Day Lights Savings Time Change to a new date. So what this gave us was almost a month more of training rides. Great for cycling, bad for the toes.

The temperature was 65 degrees when Jason and I headed out early. We did a variation of Frostbite course on the bikes. We got a good 15 miles in before the ride. I was SO glad we got the extra miles in. Not only does it help with extending your fitness into the winter months but, it provides a great warm-up to the training race. Especially when the rides are hard from the get-go, with the limited daylight.

We met up on Washington to a group of 8 riders.  Oh how the crowd dwindles…  Like I mentioned earlier the temp was 65 and dropping.  I had on bibs, a short sleeve jersey, long sleeve jersey, gloves and cycling cap.  The kits ranged from booties to no sleeves at all.  I fell right in the middle.

My toes were already feeling kind of numb at the start.  But I dug deep and sucked it up.

Speed played a big factor in tonight’s killer ride.  From the start we were going 28 into a head/cross wind.  You always pray for it to let up, but this short of ride never does.   I found my self in the rotation for the first sprint, and let up at the end.  The big “G”  took number 1.

After the first sprint, my mind was trying to convince me to turn around or let up.  I just kept thing to stick with it and it will be over soon enough.  That is what I did. 

We just kept getting faster.  Robo doesn’t know when to let up.  I think he thinks cycling is a winter sport…  The second sprint, I stayed out of the rotation as much as possible, but I still made it to the bridge. 

It hurt.

Now halfway done, all you can do is hang on.  The last thing you wan to do is get dropped in the twilight and cold temps.  So I did what I could and made it all the way back.

All I could think about was warming my toes up. 

When I got home, my feet felt like one big pad.  They were numb.  20 minutes later, and a hot shower the feeling came back.

Two Word of advice: Booties!