dan_frostbiteIt has probably been a couple years since I did this race.  And my no mean was I ever “racing” it.   In the last 5 years or so I haven’t missed a local race.  But this year, the Frostbite was only my third running race.  (I did the the CU Half Marathon and the Scholastic Challenge 5k.)

I was actually kind of excited about doing this race.   I showed up just in time to get my packed and head back out to the jeep.  I was seconded guessing my clothes.

I showed up to the start line just in time.  Alex, lifted the tape and let me in the corral.  I spent a couple of seconds checking the pace with the guys around me.   My plan was to go out around an 8-8:30 pace and pick it up by the turn around.  But like every novice runner, the gun when off and so did I.  I looked down and my garmin.  I was doing a sub 7.  Not at all where I wanted to be.  Dungan and Leah Hulcher we just in front of me.  I figured I could hang just behind them for a while until they slowed down.

At mile 2, there was no change in pace.  Dungan actually started pulling away from me.  I kept thinking he was due to slow down, but it never happened.  I stayed on on pace, hovering around 7.  The hills on the way were not all that bad, but I knew I would think differently on the way back.  I made it to the final stretch before the turn around.  There wasn’t too many people ahead of me, just the usual.  A bunch of young kids, Wild Hare Jacob Klug, Alex Taft, some more young kids, Nile Robinson, Emily Zimmerman, Dan Dungan, and Tracy Dowell.

I hit the turn around.  This always seems to be one of the hardest parts of the race.  The minute I flip I am never sure if I will be able to get back up to pace. Catching any of the people ahead of me was going to be tough.  I really think I was just going to keep up the same pace and see what I had left for the last two miles. (This is not the way to race.)

By the last two mile I was closing in on Tracy.  She was running way too fast for being on the injured list.  With one mile to go, I tried to pick it up but the last two hills really cut into me.   I did what I could to get up it, recover and take as much free speed on the downhill.  The last couple of turns I knew I was there.  I gave it all I had crossing the finish in 1:11:20 with a 7:08 average. I finished 19th overall and 1st in my age group.

What a great way to finish off the year!

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