Forever Blue

After taking Friday off, I thought I would put in a long run today.  I didn’t partake in the Sherman “I Care” run, and really didn’t want the stress of another race.  The Sullivan Sprint is on Sunday and I didn’t get registered for that either.  So this should be a great weekend!  

I made it out for a run around 4:00pm, I was waiting for it to warm up.  The temps crested in the 60’s and the wind was out of the west.  I headed out today with my iPod shuffle which had a random fill of my music library.  I haven’t had this thing on for a good month now, so I was ready for a little company on my run.

I decided to head for Washington park, a good 10 mile loop.   I took a squeeze bottle of blue gatorade with me.  About 3 miles into the run, it all came together…  Chris Isaak’s “Forever Blue” came up on my iPod.  

Was it fate, karma?  I looked down at my blue gatorade, and with goosebumps, I realized it was going to be a great run.  

I made it to the park and you would have thought it was summer.  People were everywhere.  I completed the loop and exited.

At this point when ever I came to an intersection or stop light, I was praying for cars.  But for some reason, my blue gatorade seemed to clear the roads. Oh, how I prayed for a car, to put me into a walk.  It was not going to happen.

With a mile to my house I lifted my pace, just to see what I had left.  A 7:00 minute pace finished out my run.  I returned in 1:25 on the dot, took the final swig of blue gatorage, and headed for the shower.

– Dan