Follow the red brick road

Today’s ride was not aimed at the Emerald City.  In fact the only palace that I saw at the end of the red brick road was a Casey’s.  Auburn doe not leave much to be desired except that it is a great place to ride to when you have a southerly wind.

The red bricks of Auburn

I originally planned on putting in 20 miles or so when I headed out.  The first five always seem to be the worst.  You get those mind games going in your head, telling you to turn around.  Then you realize why you are out there and start thinking about the tail wind home.

Once I got about 10 miles out, I started to think to myself…  Hey just 5 more miles out and I will have 30, and that sounds much better than 20.  I would just have to suck up another 5 into the headwind.

With 15 under the belt, I thought to myself again, just 5 more and that will give me 40, and that sound s better than 30.  Plus Auburn was just up the road. I knew could make it.  The ride really wasn’t that hard, it just sucked.

It also always helps when you think about how fast you will get to go with the tailwind.  Tailwinds are puddin, frosting on the cake, especially when you are riding solo.

I came up to the red brick road, it is probably only 1/2 mile long, but bumpy as hell.  I started to think about why I was riding my tubulars?  And just prayed that nothing would happen.  I did have a spare tire with me though, but didn’t really feel like trying to pry the glued tire from the rim and stretching a new one.

Making it over the bricks I found myself at the Casey’s taking a short breather.  I downed a Gu and headed back the same way I came.

I started noticing that my feet were getting a little numb.  The temperature was probably 60, and I thought that I would warm back up in the tail wind.  About 5 mile out of town I pulled over to the side of the road.  I thought that maybe my socks were bunching up in my left shoe.  I pulled my shoe off to find there was no such thing.  It was just my numb toes.  I really should have worn booties, but you always think that is overkill in 60 degree weather.

It took me a total of 1:20 to get to Auburn, I really thought I could pull that time way down on the way back.  I cruised most of the tailwind sections at 26mph or so…  and had a few crosswind sections to slow me down.

I crossed the my driveway in 55 minutes.  Taking 25 minutes off my outbound time.  That sounds pretty good, and made me feel like I did accomplish something for the day.

A little while later I went to Twitter my ride and caught Jason’s tweet, Hardybreed3 that he just finished his 22 mile run.  I started thinking that I am so glad I rode more than 20 miles.  Really, how pathetic would that sound if I only rode 20, and Jason ran 22?  40 miles really isn’t a milestone and in fact it is nowhere close to running 22 miles.  I think the comparison would have to be 100 miles on the bike to 22 for a run. Any Thoughts?