Foggy Bottom Brick

Foggy Bottom

Have you ever been to Foggy Bottom?

Today we headed down to Foggy Bottom, a 50 mile ride to Petersburg  at 7:00 am from Jason’s house.  Eric Sommer, John Lawyer, Jason, and I all ready for some hills in the Burg.  I obviously didn’t get enough of this route last weekend.

The day started off a little damp and cool.  It was leg warmers and booties weather.  Halfway out the door, I actually turned around and grabbed a pair of wind mitten to go over my full fingered gloves.

I showed up late.  But I was the only one to actually ride to Jason’s house.  Eric and John both drove???

We headed North West for the hills.  We took it pretty easy on the way out.  Just talking about how we haven’t had a ride like this in a long time.

Once the first hill approach, Lawyer reminded us that we were out there to train.  We took most of the hills pretty aggressively, then easing up at the top.  On the way into Petersburg we ran it a lone runner on the country road.  It turned out to be Emily Zimmerman just putting in a few blazing miles.

Eric's SlippersOn the way back we held a better pace and took the hills hard.  John had trouble preparing for some of the hills.  You really have to have your gear down before you enter the hill.  And know what it is going to take going up it.  It is always easier going down a gear than going up!

On the way back into town, Lawyer was getting a little antsy and took off on the home stretch.  We pulled up to him single file.  It was a nice pull, and a great way to finish a ride.

We pulled back up to Jason’s house and Eric and John loaded up their bikes.  Eric, slipped into his house slippers.  He claimed he had to get up early and didn’t know what to wear… Let me know if you see wearing these at masters swim…

I offered a few more miles to everyone, but had no takers.  So I headed home downed a couple packs of gu and slipped on my running shoes.  I headed out east down Washington.  My legs felt surprisingly good.

I didn’t want to over do it, but I knew I wasn’t going to work out on Sunday.  I made it down to Chatham road and turned around.  On the way back I started getting the twitch.  The one that feels kind of like a cramp, right in the quad.  I kept going just thinking how good it felt to be out running in shorts and a tank, after the full weather gear ride.

I made it back home and had some chocolate milk and a protein bar, contemplating a nice cocktail beverage (is that so wrong?)