Exciting Weekend

See Photos from KonaWhat an exciting weekend of training and racing.   I did the training part while other raced.  If you didn’t know the Ironman World Championship in Kona was on Saturday.  One of Springfield’s (Beardstown) own HardyBreed Rabbits Travis Shrowl took part finishing in under 12 hrs! You can look up his splits here (bib 1379).  This was a fun filled Saturday for many, watching live video online or getting updated feeds. Both the male and female titles were repeat winners.  Craig, Crowie Alexander and three-peat and record breaking female Chrissie Wellington.  The race recap is usually shown on NBC sometime in November… Photos can be seen on the Competitor.

Kona wasn’t the only thing going on…  The Chicago Marathon took place on Sunday with perfect weather conditions.  If I remember right over 100 people from the Springfield area did the marathon.  But for some reason I can’t get the Chicago Marathon results page to pull up by city.  Springfield even had it’s own 4:00 and 3:40 pace teams!  Congratulations to all that participated in the event.

While everyone else was racing I was stuck at home training in some frigid temperatures.  Saturday I met up with Steven (aka Clarence Bushwacker), Dungan (D2) and Gary’s Team Mack.  The three of us road out tt bikes.  The plan was to do around 60 miles.  We headed out towards Salisbury and then back south toward New Berlin.  We had a nice tail wind, and I was feeling pretty good.  I may have pushed too hard, but this was my last real weekend of training and I wanted it to count.  We split up into some small group, and met up at the Phillips 66 in New Berlin.  We refueled.  After that most of the group turned off at the Loami blacktop.  I talked Mark Shay into finishing out the Waverly blacktop with me.  We hammered all the way to the “T” at 104 and flipped.

Ouch, the tail wind now turned into a headwind and we started suffering.  For some reason it seemed like we were always going up a hill and into the wind.  We kept a good average and made it back to Prairie Creek Road.  Now we had a slight tail cross wind and were able to relax a little.  We rolled back into my subdivision with 76 miles.  I did a quick clothes change and headed out for a run.  Up to Veterans Parkway and flipped.  4.5 mile and a good pace.  An awesome day of training.

Sunday I went to Masters Swim at Eisenhower.  I haven’t been since early summer.  I have been putting in the laps, but not the interval workout that you get at the masters swim.  I was surprised when I got there.  Jason had rode his bike to his first masters swim. Kudos!   We started off with a 200 or so warmup then went into the sets.  I think he was calling of times, but we did distance.   In my lane was Dungan and Kris Martin.  Each set consisted of 2 x 150, 2 x 175 and we did this 3 times.  If that wasn’t enough, and I was ready to get out of the pool… I then here “ok lets do 9 x 100”  F#$%.  I made it through 5 of those putting my distance at around 2600 hard yards.  I was done for the day.

On Monday, with exhaustion set in, I knew I needed to get in a long run.  This would be my last.  I headed out towards the park, keeping around an 8 minute pace for the first few miles.  When I got to the park I decided to see what kind of moderate pace I could hold for the 2 mile loop.  I kept a good turnover and finished out the loop at just over 13:30.  Now I just had 4 miles home.  I took it easy for the next few miles thinking I would put in one more burst on the final mile.  I ended up with just under a 7 minute pace.  I felt pretty good with this run until I took my recovery drink.

I need a day off.