Evening out my farmers tan

farmerstanAfter being beat by the wind and the hills on Saturday.  I headed back out for more.  I had made the novice mistake of wearing a cycling jersey and socks as opposed to my tri jersey and no shows.  Yep, that sun gave me a dreaded (coveted by some) farmers tan.

Jason and I went out for a small loop around the west side of town.  The wind was brutal.  You can see The Weather Channel had it listed as 27mph south winds.  There was also a wind advisory.  Basically it was is windy as f#$%.

I took the long way around to pick up Jason at his house.  Heading down Old Salem Lane with a cross wind, I was forced to keep my hands on my hoods.  I really thought my bike might just blow out from under me.  (Lola is pretty light)  I almost think it was easier going into a head wind, which is hard to believe.

We headed south down Farmingdale road.  We started heading down into a valley, the key word being down.  With the force of the wind it felt like we were going up.  I guess I will never stop being amazed by the weather…

We completed the loop.  I ended up with 25 hot and windy miles.  But the workout didn’t stop.  I immediately put my running shoes on and headed back down the street.

I was really just testing my legs.  I thought…  maybe around the block.  But the block turned into a mile, then another half.  The legs felt pretty good at a 7:30 pace (with a tail wind).

On the way back I slowed down a little, but it felt so good.

I definitely didn’t mind the conditions today.  The sun burning my skin.  The wind drying my mouth.  I will take this over the 20 degree wind chills any day.   Plus, I was able to even out my farmers tan.