Eric clears out the track

After the Dan Dungan workout, I thought a day at the track might be good for me.  Eric had cooked up a killer workout that lasted no more than 15 minutes or so.  The workout was to start with progressive quarters.   2:00 for the first and 5 seconds less for each quarter.

  • lap 1: 2:00
  • lap 2: 1:55
  • lap 3: 1:50
  • lap 4 1:45 (1 mile)
  • lap 5: 1:40
  • lap 6: 1:35
  • lap 7: 1:30
  • lap 8: 1:25 (2 miles)
  • lap 9: 1:20
  • lap 10: 1:15

Now this doesn’t look hard on paper, and doesn’t seem to bad the first mile, but it get worse.  I made it through 9 laps.  I think only 3 people made it past that.  I felt pretty good finishing up along side Greg G., Andy P.I  think Eric, Billy and Alex made it through the last lap.  He cleared it out.  No one was left.

14:58 was my time and this was on tired legs.  Take a look at the labor day workout.

Tired as can be I made it out to the training race that evening.  This was probably going to be my only other bike day this week.  I thought about turning around early, but once I got started the the joose kicked in and put a hard effort for 31 miles.  The funny thing is this was one of my better rides.  There’s nothing like peaking in September.

I still have plenty of training ahead of me.  Longhorn 70.3 is October 25.