Early Bird Special

I broke down and made it to the early bird special on the Illinois Marathon Website.  Yes, I registered for the the 26.2 in Champaign Urbana.  This is the first annual Illinois Marathon, and I wanted to be part of it.  The timeing couldn’t be any better –  April 11, 2009.  The marathon has a pretty cool course.  The race starts at the Assembly Hall and the finish is on the Fifty Yard Line of Memorial Stadium.  I just hope I can finish!

Oh, by the way this is a certified course, which makes it a Boston Qualifier.  3:15 is a pretty ambitious time for me to qualify.  I will have to sit down and go over my training plan from last year to see what modification are necessary.

Any comments or recommendations are welcome.  I will need all the help and motivation I can get (I don’t think my mustache will be enough.)