Drugs and Alcohol

Lilly Tomlin once said, “Exercise is for people who can’t handle drugs and alcohol.”  I think  she was probably on to something.  All of them have an addictive behavior.

Yesterday I got on the trainer for an hour and twenty minutes while watching Coach Troy’s Time Trialapalooza.  Today I headed out for a short run over lunch hour. (gotta love the daylight)  I would really love to take a week off, but that would be like pulling teeth.

I guess I have always been addicted to some form of exercise.  And yes, I may have gone a little overboard this summer with all races I did.  But everything seemed much clearer when I read an article in Bicycling Magazine last month.

A Healthy Obsession – Yes, you could be addicted to cycling and that’s probably a good thing.

“Scientists have long suspected that dopamine in particular plays a key role in fueling human drive. The theory is that the brain releases dopamine to spur behavior associated with survival, such as eating, having sex and winning money. Dopamine makes those experiences more salient and memorable and more appealing, which motivates us to repeat them. So while our brains recognize that biking is fun, dopamine reinforces the point.

So it really isn’t me…  It is my body’s fault.  They also go on to talk about how exercise could be used the the recovery form alcohol and drugs.

But my question is… what is the cure for exercise?