The double workouts on Tuesday really increase the dropability at the training race.  I started off with the the noon track workout, “Lunch with Eric.”  6×800 was the workout.  It seemed kind of unfair, seeing we only did 10×400 last Tuesday. The group broke up into two groups.  A 4:00 and 4:30 group.  I went with the longer recovery group.  I showed up just in time and did not get to warm up. My plan was to take it easy the first few reps, and being a little over my 6:10 pace. (3:02 – 800).  This is how it played out: 3:09, 3:10,3:03, 3:05, 3:01, 2:52.  The last rep, we went a little harder at the 400 mark, and it kind of became a race down the final stretch.  A fun end to lunch!


Getting the training race was a little more work.  My wife was headed back from Chicago and stuck in traffic.  She would not make it back by 5:30.  My daughter Chloe had tumbling at 5:30 and I still needed to pick up Sophie from preschool.  I was able to hire my niece to come over and babysit Sophie.  So we got in the Jeep, picked up Sophie, picked up my niece, dropped off Chloe, and headed home.  I quickly got dressed, filled my water bottles.  Jason then showed up at my door.

We headed out for a short loop and met up with the group at TRS and headed west.  Tonight was sprint night and I wanted to take the first couple sprints easy and with the group.  But of course I got some itch, and took off way too early on the first sprint.  I got swallowed up.  Dumb move.

The next few, I stayed at the front and in the rotation.  I could not get to the back of the group.  A lot of people were not pull through and just sitting in for the sprint.  I spent so much time trying to get to the back of the pack, an attach from Eric, split the group.  Justin went with him.  I knew we were in trouble.  Then Robo.  Somebody Go! The gap widened, Gary and Mike jumped the gap.

A very strong group up the road and there wasnt much left in the field.  Nick, Jeff, Jason and I all took turns pulling but we did not make a dent.  Finally up the final hill, Nick and I kept the heat on and did not let the gap to get any bigger.

We didn’t close it, and we really didn’t have a chance in hell.  But we did out best.  A very tough last leg.  I would say the dropablity was rather high tonight.