Run, Swim, Run… I don’t think this is an event but it made for a great workout today.  Saturday was a day of rest, so today I train. 

I was planning on heading out for the swim club for adult swim at 10.  I decided to lace up my running shoes and make a brick of it.  I couldn’t remember exactly how far it was so I left a few minutes after 9. 

The morning had been cloudy, and the minute I stepped out the door, it started to drizzle.  This was one of the heaviest drizzles I have ever seen.  I guess you could have called it rain, but it was so… fine. 

My run started off in the drizzle. It took me about 30 minutes to make it to the swim club.  It was still drizzling, but the doors were not open yet.  So I went for about another 10 minutes and came back.  I walked in and rinsed off (I am not sure why…)

YES, I was the first one there.  I could pick any lane that I wanted. 

It turns out I was the only one there for the next 30 minutes… 

I warmed up with 10x50s, and moved on to 10x100s.  I was having a heck of time getting my breathing down.   By the final set 1×500, I was able to get in the groove, and just swim.

The swim was over and the sun was finally out.  But I had to put my wet socks and shoes back on.  I had a pack of orange sport beans and headed back out on the road.

I was hoping I didn’t have any stomach problems on the way back.  I always seem to take in too much of the healthy pool water.  Everything seemed just fine and I made it back with no problems.

Home at last!