Double Up

I had a lot of energy today. It started off with a moderate run at lunch.  I got in about 4 miles.  After work was the training race (Biketec 6:00).  I was eager to get out on my new bike “Lola.”  

It was sprint night, so the regroup was in effect for all the sprints except the last.  I took it easy on the the first. I didn’t want to start lighting any matches yet.  I felt good, and the power transfer from my legs to the bike was something I haven’t felt in a while.  

I stayed towards the front on all of the sprints, but I didn’t ever “go” with the final jump.  After the keyhole (turn around)  I thought I would start to test the waters.  Andy Lister is the one guy you never want to let go, so I was on his wheel like a hawk.  Well, maybe I was sucking his wheel, but he has more miles in so that’s ok?

He attacked several times trying to get away.  I stayed on him the best I could.

The final sprint Andy attacked up the second to last hill.  I stayed on his wheel and kept him in the group.  At this point was was wondering if I had anything left for the final sprint.

I didn’t lead this one out, It was Andy again.  I was about 4 or 5 wheels back.  I found a few drafts, but missed him by a bike length.

I rode exceptionally well, seeing this was my 4th ride of the year.  With 38 miles on the bike and 4 on the run, I welcome the pain tomorrow.

If it doesn’t hurt, you probably are trying hard enough.

– Dan