Don’t take the Rotation Lightly

It is either windy, raining, cold, or too hot, so for this tuesday night training race I’ll take hot and windy.  20-30mph gust from the south and close to 90 degrees.  The training race started off with a pretty good size group 20+. 

Starting off down Old Salem Lane, I could see the gutter getting full.  I knew I had no choice but to stay in the rotation up front or get dropped.  Don’t take the rotation lightly.

You would think that being up front in the wind is hard work, and the Back of the line should be easy.  I am guessing that is why so many people choose to stay in back.  The truth of the matter is, Yes the front of the echelon is hard work, but the back is even harder.  That is why the riders in back get dropped.

I was working up front and it seemed like about 5 riders were doing the work.  After rotating about a dozen times I was getting frustrated that no one else was pulling though.  It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I hear Jason, yelling at Gary to pull through.  That was then end of the line. About 10 or fewer made the cut.

I made it to the T and headed for the key hole.  We were headed into a monster head wind.  I looked down and we were going about 16mph.  No one was wanting to work.  We sat behind the lead rider until the turn. 

Out of the key hole we picked up the scraps and headed back.

The ride ended in a sprint to the line.  I took the first jump with everything I had left.  Two people followed.  I ended up third for the night.

A very tough night, but it wasn’t over yet.  I pulled into the garage and put on my running shoes.  My legs felt heavy of course but I was mustering around a 8:30 pace.  I ended up running for 50 minutes.  I got home and my wife was wondering what happened to me.  I guess she didn’t see my bike parked in the garage, and had called Jason on the phone.  I guess I had told Jason, but not my wife.  He clued her in.

What a great workout.