Do you know a good Physical Therapist?

achill1This has been a hectic week. Monday I hit the treadmill for a easy recovery run. I ran 6 times, but felt like I could have ran all night. I felt great, like nothing could stop me.

But then Tuesday rolled around. I got on the treadmill, and a mile or two into the run, my achilles tendon started hurting. Before I knew it I had to stop the treadmill. Totally 3 miles for the day.

On Wednesday I took it easy. I did some core exercised and stayed off of the treadmill. I was hoping things would be better on Thursday.

Today, I thought maybe my foot would be alright, but one and a half miles into my treadmill run, I had to pull the plug.

This week had really sucked!

Lately it seems like I have an “off” week, but then the following I am “on” again. And this had been a terrible cycle.

The only thing I have to look forward to is next week. It should be an “on” week.

Do you know a good Physical Therapist?