Danoh Dozen

Today’s track workout, Eric put together a painful “Danoh Dozen” of 400s,  10 to be exact!  I showed up just a little shy of a good warm up.  I was able to do one loop around the track before we started.  I took a quick look at the HardyBreed Pace Chart that Terry brought.  The key to the work out was to run the 400s, 5 seconds under your 5k pace.

I have been looking at doing a 19:00 5k (in my dreams) but to get to that point I have to train at that level.  1:31 – 5 seconds puts me at 1:26 for each 400.  All the track guys use seconds when referring to splits  so I should be doing 86’s.  Not sure why…  My watch shows minutes.

I went out easy on the first one.  I was not warmed up and didn’t want to strain anything.  Here are my splits:

  1. 1:30
  2. 1:28
  3. 1:27
  4. 1:26
  5. 1:24
  6. 1:26
  7. 1:25
  8. 1:23
  9. 1:26
  10. 1:23

The first few are always the easiest.  By number 5 I was thinking this isn’t so bad, just 5 to go.  Number 9 just sucked, but all I could think about was that there was just one left.  It hurt, my heart was pounding, and I could only think about dying on the track.

I only hope I don’t have to do a Danoh Dozen again….