Danny goes to the Doctor

After my Express Care visit last week, I got to follow up with Dr. Rodney Herrin at Sports Care. We really didn’t figure out what the problem was with my foot. He examined the x-rays, and could not determine a fracture from them. I don’t thing he thought it was my achilles either, so he ordered a MRI.

MRI of Someone's Foot

MRI of Someone's Foot

Of course I didn’t get the MRI today, they had to submit it to my insurance company for approval. They said it would probably be the end of the week before they found out. Then they would schedule the MRI and make another doctors appointment. What a wonderful  heathcare system!

Bottom line… another 1-2 weeks before I find out what is wrong with my foot.

That will put me in the 4 week recovery ball park.

Dr. Herrin said if it was some sort of fracture in my heal (somewhere) it would probably take 4-6 weeks of recovery.

I am praying that in the next couple weeks my foot will be recovered, or at least not in pain, when I walk. Until then I will be on my bike, most likely the trainer. I also have a goal of joining the Fit Club this week so I can hit the pool over lunch hour.

With all the good news today, I came home and road the trainer for an hour.