Cry Baby

Cry-BabyDuring the training races this year, I have had several feelings/emotions go through my head.  Some times I just want  to close my eyes and fall asleep.  Sometimes I am full of laughter and grit my teeth.  Today all I wanted to do was cry.

The group was small to begin with and got even smaller by the end of the the night. 

It was kind of funny talking with Fergurson.  He mentioned how some of the old guys on the ride are old skool.  I told him, that I have been riding/racing for almost 20 years.  He said that he was probably 7 when I started riding.  He also said that was probably why I never get dropped.  Sure experience does help, but now the pressure was on, not to get dropped.  I wanted to quit so many times tonight.

There was just a few people in the rotation and everyone else, including myself was sitting on the back.  I wouldn’t call it sitting in.  I had tears in my eyes several times.  When we hit the T-Bone, I was hoping Jason would cry uncle, but he didn’t.  So I kept going.

Gaps would open and I closed them a few times.  When I could, I would look down at my computer and notice a 31 or 32 on the screen.  A couple times I would close the gap only to be attacked by Gary a the close.  I all I could do was put my head down and cry again. 

The night ended in a mass sprint by 7:22.  According to Robo, it was one of the quickest rides to date.

42 miles and a Cry Baby, yes.  Dropped no!