Crazy Eight Neo Tri Geek

cards_crazy8_300The track workout was moved to Oak Ridge Cemetery.  They call this the Octopus, 8 hills all varying in grade and length.  We were suppose to meet up at 1st and Madison, but of course there is no place to park.  I wondered on down to the hospital and parked in the lot.  I met up with the guys running my way.  We headed towards the cemetery.  Entering the gates we were joined by John Lawyer, and his Ironman hat (he had shorts on too.)  The workout started before I could say Tour de France.  We would run up one hill then turn around and head back down and start running toward another.  The pace seemed to be as hard as you could, considering you had 8 to do.  Brian Glass was also running with us.  By the time I made it to the top of the hill, he had already done another quarter mile past everyone else.  After 7, I was glade there was only one more.   I think this last one was the toughest and the longest.  This was a great workout and a good alternative to the track.

Later that evening I met up with Jason and the rest of the cycling gurus.  It was sprint night and my legs were tired.  If yesterday didn’t wear me out, than todays hill intervals should have.  We had a good bunch, that needed some thinning out.  We picked up the pace and strung things way out.  I was able to stay in the front of the rotation pull and to make payment on all the attacks.  Of course working hard left me with nothing on the sprints.  This would be the story for the night.  Work hard, and sit up for the sprint.

It was a  great workout, 38 miles with some yelling and cursing (no not me…)  I really think my legs are ready for the Evergreen Triathlon on Saturday and I need to give them a rest.  I just hope my swim and run can keep up.  This will be my first Olympic/International distance race.   A 1.5k swim (1650 yards), 40k bike (24.8 mile?) and a 10k run.   Yes, I know if may be hard to believe, but I am a Neo-Tri-Geek!