Covered Head to Toe

UntitledToday, Jason and I met up at the corner at 11:00.   The temperature was still a little brisk, and the wind was strong out of the south west.  I dressed in full garb.  This was probably my coldest run of the year.  I wore my tri short, tights, and windpants.  A thermal compression shirt, a fleece shirt and a wind jacket.  On my head I had a balaclava,   a hat and sunglasses.  On my hands I had a pair of thin gloves with a pair of wind mittens.  I was covered head to toe.

Headed to the corner with the tail wind, I started thinking to myself that I was over dressed.  I could always take clothes off.  Half way down Washington, I took of my balaclava and wind mittens.  We continued on our journey to the park.

We did a loop and a half at the park.  Yes that dreaded half loop that so many races in park entail.

We both felt pretty good at mile 10.  But started to bargain on our total distance.  13 sounded good and we both agreed.  I don’t think either of us really felt like running too far.

The way back was mostly a head wind but the sun was warming thing up.  It had to be in the 30’s by the time we got back.  13.46 for the day.

Weekly Total: 30.46 miles.