Cool New City

All the way out to New City was tar and chip.  I was pretty sure that there were painted lines on the New City course, so I was hoping they didn’t dump a bunch of gravel on it.

I was the first one to show up, and the course was in pristine condition.   By the time I got dressed and put the bike together several other had showed up.  I went out with Andy Lister and got a good 10 mile warm up in.  Andy told me the story of his new 404s (nice choice!)

We made it back to the start line and had several new faces.  Lance Cull, my sister Kim and Steven.

The way out was a slight South West head wind.  I managed between 22-24 on the way out.  I felt bad for some of the newbies, because there was no one at the turn around.  I guess Lance end up turning around at the first marker.  Then once he realized it, he turned around again and headed to the real turn around.  Ouch!

On the way back in I got passed bay Justin, then Robo and then Andy.  I stuck with Andy most of the way back, turning 30mph.  I finished with a 25:28, a good 30 seconds off.  The head did not help at all.

I think a lot of people had the same trouble.

I am not sure what is going to happen for the training race on Thursday.  The roads are all tar and chipped or just tar.  Let me know what your plans are for Thursday if you plan on showing up at Bike Tek.  We are going to have to stick to a main road.  Old Jack?  I wouldn’t mind heading out to the old course around UIS and the lake.