Cold, Windy, This Sucks!

Jason and I headed out for our first long run of our marathon training plan.  The plan was 13 miles at 10 percent slower than marathon pace.  I had to break out the calculator to figure this one out.  If our marathon goal pace is 7:26, 10 percent would be 44 seconds.  that leaves us with a 8:10 pace for today.

The temperature was in the low teens.  There was a good breeze out of the North West and I am not sure what the wind chill was, but it was damn cold.  We headed to Washington Park with the wind at our backs.  Jason doubled up his clothing from last week.  He claims he had two of everything on…

I was layered and felt like that kid in the “Christmas Story.”

Our pace varied, but stayed under our 8:10 goal.   On the way back, we noticed that our run was going to be short, so we double backed to get in another half mile or so.   Coming up to my house I noticed that I was still a little short. I ran past my house and down the street to complete the 13 miles for the day. 

It is always so painful to go past your own house, when it is cold and windy.  But my average pace came out to be 8:05s.  A successful day!

The pain didn’t stop there…  I had less then 2 hours to get ready for the Monster Mash.

Weekly Total: 30 miles