Clowning Around

JEFON InternationI don’t know how many of you can recognize this guy…  But Jeff Johnson, AKA, Jefon. Has invented a new designer Wild-Hare-Cut.  Thinking back… I think Jeff NIL8 Williams, may have had this hair cut first.

He is offering this great hair cut for a small one time sitting fee of $2500.  Which includes a coach class ticket via Jefon International Airlines to Las Vegas.  A cab ride to the Jefon studio and a luke warm diet coke.

Anyhow… I am going to go for a short run today. My legs are still kind of sore from Tuesday (I can hear the “I told you so” in my head.)  Hopefully this will loosen them up.

I am planning on going to the Hillsboro Biathlon tomorrow. My sister Kim and Jason are headed down with me.  I will have to show my sister how to take her wheels off without removing the skewer. (She left her front skewer at home for the Capitol City Bi…)

The Hillsboro Bi has day of registration, which worries me.  I am not sure why but when you register on-line you feel “official.”  So it will be an early morning seeing the race starts at 7:30.  So we may see you on the road…

I also took some time today to register for 3 sprint triathlons this month.

  1. Evergreen Lake International & Sprint, Bloomington, IL
  2. Stoneman, Springfield, IL
  3. Canton Sprint and Duathlon ,Canton, IL

I really wanted to try one of the Olympic distance events but I kind of chickened out at the registration page.  My swimming has been too infrequent.  I do not want to drown.  So if you are doing the Olympic distance at one of these races.  Please feel free to make fun of me.

Plus these are three weekends in a row, so maybe it is a good idea to stick with the sprints…

See you at the races, and smile for the Hardy Breed Camera.