Cinder Wonderland

The weather men have not been able to predict the weather within one day.  Earlier in the week the forcast was for highs in the upper 40s, with rain on Saturday, and sun on Sunday.  Turns out… Rain both days.  I guess it did get into the 40s but with wind chills in the 20s.

I woke up Saturday, to some crappy weather.  Not a chance in hell of me riding.  Although it turns out Team Mack still headed out.  I guess they are a little bit more of a HardyBreed than me.

I had to switch somethings up.   I decided to do my long run instead of a ride.  According to my marathon training plan, I was suppose to do 13 mile at 10% slower than marathon pace.  Seeing I have not decided on a marathon or what pace I would attempt to run it at, if I was doing one.  I just kept it steady.

I headed to Washington Park, did an extra loop and headed home.  Here is the path I took.  I ended up with an 8:21 avg page, which turned out not so bad.  My legs were still tired from Thursday nights tempo.

On Sunday, I skipped out on masters swim.  After taking November and December off in the pool.  I am still trying to build up my endurance.  I have made it to the pool 6 times in the last two weeks, so I am on my way.  Hope fully I will return in the next week or so.

Anyhow, Sunday turned out to be crap too.   Rain, rain, rain…  I paced by the window, just waiting for it to stop.  About 11:30 I deciced I better get on the trainer.  As I mounted my bike, I made a quick change of plans.  I was going to ride outside.

The rain had stopped, it was in the 40s, and we had a stiff wind out of the West.  I headed out towards the Waverly black top.  The head wind sucked.  I was crawling at 13-15 mph. Then I was able to turn and head South.  The cross wind was much better, my speed picked up from there.

I made it to the turn around with around 27 miles.  At that point I notice my rear tire was flat.  Changing tires in the cold is not that much fun so I tried to be quick about it.

Once I got the new tube in and tire back on the rim, I remembered that I didn’t check the inside of the tire for debris.  I pulled the bead off again and ran my finger around the inside of the tire.  I had a couple cinders poking through.  I used a tire iron to push the cinders back out.  I then had to use my teeth to pull them out of the tire, mainly because I could feel my fingers.

I got my act together and started heading back.  I was kind of worried about getting another flat and picked up the pace.  I guess I should have brought extra CO2 and tubes on solo ride in the cinder wonder land.

I made Mad it just past New Berlin and a huge Psssssss Psssssss.  Shit, another flat.  I pulled over by a farm house and made a phone call home.  Julie and the kids were on there way.

I was starting to shiver, and decided that I would ride up to Old Jack and try to meet them.  Riding on a rear flat, can ruin your tire and your rim, so I did it with caution.  I stood up and road with most of my weight on the front wheel.  I was not moving fast at all, but I was keeping warm.

Julie showed up and I loaded my bike and hopped in the car.  Thank you Julie!

At this point I had 40 miles in, and I was kind of disappointed because I never got to enjoy my tailwind that I deserved for that massive head wind on the way out.  Oh well…  I also forgot to hit the stop on my garmin, giving me a 71mph max speed.  Here is was my route.

I cant wait to get back out there, with a bunch of tubes, CO2s and a good set of 330tpi tires.