I got up today and hit the 30 foot pool for 1000 yards.  Yes that is a lot of laps.  After that I poured a cup of joe and sat in a nice raft and watched the Tour DAY France (as Bob Roll would put it.)  To top that I broke out Lola and headed out for a ride.

The first ten miles were beautiful.  The a down-pour.  I stopped at a abandon gas station and caught up on some Hardy Breed email.  The rain let up, but a minute after I left, another downpour… I road through it.  I had just gotten out of the pool not long ago, so what did it matter if I was wet.

I hit a few patched of dry land, but no more than a mile.  The rain started in again.  And before I knew it I was back.  Just under 25 miles and soaking wet!

And if the day could not get any better.  The family headed out with my dad on his boat.  For some reason Boating = Drinking.  I don’t want to sound like a wuss (I have paid my dues…. Crazy 8’s)  but I had a few of those new Miller Chills.

Lets just say they go down like water, and are refeshing as a morning spring.

(Ok you can make fun of me now….)