Century Saturday

I showed up at Jason’s house at 5:30 in the A.M.  I was the last one there.  Jason, Eric, Lance, Steven were hanging out in the driveway having coffee.  Jason had prepared an nice little table with a greasy towel for a table clothe and had coffee cups and a pot of coffee waiting for us.  It was great having another cup of coffee before we set out on our journey.

Once again out plan was to head North West into the hills of the Midwest.  It was a little overcast out and I was actually a little chilled.

We headed out to Salisbury, then to Petersburg which was the turn around point for Lance.  After loosing Lance, we gain another.  Steven’s buddy Travis road in from Beardstown.

From Petersburg we headed down Newmansville Road to Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Park.  I think this is were the fun began.  Usually we would cut through the park and head into Chandlerville.  But today, we would do the entire 14 mile lap and a half around the park before we would exit on Creek Road.

On our first lap, Travis was lucky enough to ride through some glass.  Flat #1.  Then after exiting the park, I got a flat.  Jason has this thing for timing people on changing a tube so beware!  I think I was at 7 minutes or so, but it probably took a couple trying to pull a cinder out of my tire.  A pair needle nose pliers would have come in handy.

We road into Chandlerville and jumped on Route 78.  We took in the two good climbs and descents.  I broke my 40 mph record from last time with a new PR of 41 mph.  But the speed didn’t last long.  Travis had gotten another flat.

Time was ticking away and Eric really had doubts about our 11:30 arrival time.

We made it into Virgina, and took our first food/water stop.  I took in a Amp diet energy drink, a powerbar, and filled my bottles with gatorade.  Standing at the gas station, I thought I was at an Apple Keynote.  Eric, Steven and Travis all had their iPhones out.  I pulled my out, just to fit in.  Eric attempted to call home.  I over heard him saying, “I can’t hear you”…  I had to interrupt the call and tell Eric to take his phone out of the plastic baggy.


We made it back on the road and parted ways with Travis.  I picked up the tempo trying to make up some time, but just then I started to cramp.  I felt great, but my legs just didn’t want to work right.  I stood up for a little and stretched them out.  This seemed to help.

We crawled our way into Ashland.  Steven needed a little more energy from the gas station, so we all ended up stopping and filling up.  The ride started to drag a bit at this point.  But we were so close to home.

It wasn’t much longer before we rolled into Springfield.  Everyone ended up with 109+/- a couple mile to Jason house.  A truly epic hilly, character, confidence building century ride.  I can’t wait to do it again.