Century and a 5k

Riding one hundred mile or a “century” is a daunting task and accomplishment for many.  For the Capitol City Century ride put on by the Springfield Bicycle club, I  surrounded my self once again with Ironman finishers.   Once in particular, Travis Shroll is headed to the big island in under a month to compete at the Ironman World Championship in Kona.

We are all training for something, for Dan Dungan, he is headed to Augusta 70.3 in just a couple weeks.  John Lawyer is looking a schooling some folk at a duathlon, and I am headed to the Longhorn 70.3 in Austin, TX, in just over a month.

This was the perfect training opportunity for all of us.  The goal of the ride was to ride our tt bikes at 20-22mph and finish with no cramps and energy left for a 5k run.  I am working hard on that nutrition thing.

Century Ride

The day started off a little screwed up.  15 time +/- ironman finisher Dan Dungan, forgot his cycling shoes.  How does this happen? You will have to ask Dan about that.  So there was only three of us at the start.  Dan would drive home and ride back out to the first stop to meet up with us.  The ride was broken up into 5 section of 20 mile.  After every section you were able to stop refill the bottles and eat some food.  Breaking this ride up helps a lot.  My semi-aggressive position on the tt bike make for a neck and back breaker, and stopping and stretching is a life saver.

Each loop was pretty consistent pace wise.  My nutrition was also.  I took Nuun tablest in my bottles and popped a couple two or three Endurolyte capsules at every stop.  And I guess i can forget the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Century Train

We didn’t really do a pace line, and we didn’t talk a lot either. (not after 50)  It was heads down and let Travis pull, he needed the training the most:)

After our last loop back to Auburn, we headed back to the beach house.  Dungan took a detour to head back home and then there was three.  John had made a comment towards the end about hammering the last 5 miles.  He held us to his dare.  The attack happened, but I countered.  Stringing it out down Lake Shore.

We  rode into the parking lot, put the bikes away and slipped on the running shoes.  John wasn’t feeling to well.  We decided to do the 5k course of the Stoneman, about a mile into it John had to attend to some stomach problems.  Travis and I continued to the turn around, flipped and then met back up with John.

My legs felt surprisingly good.  I am not sure what our pace was but we completed the run in under 24 minutes.

I made it home, cleaned up and got a text message from John.  He said he was rendered completely useless the rest of the day!  I on the other hand was on a high.  I felt so good about by nutrition.  No cramps, I was amazed.  I think I have started doing something right.

I then headed to the mall to go shopping at the Gap.  John said he needed a cardigan.