Catchin Up

A couple of short workouts today. At lunch I did short swim workout of 25 laps. I worked on my switch. I really think I am getting the hang of it. I am breathing much more comfortably on my left side now. I can even hold my breath for three pulls.

I am not getting any faster yet, and still need to work on the drills. I do think I will be much better off in the pool at the Pioneer Sprint. Last year it was my first swim of the year. If I only knew how to flip turn.

After work the sun was still out and 70 degrees. I headed out for a run. I wasn’t sure how far I was going until I got there. The heel felt pretty good. I made it all the way to Veterens. On the way home I really started to sweat. I haven’t felt this heat since the last time I was running on the treadmill with the fireplace on.

4.5 miles and I was tired. I really don’t remember this running thing being so hard. I popped a couple ibuprofen and called it a day.