Can You Say Minus 9?

UntitledPretty freakin’ cold out today.   Minus 9 when I woke up.  I can’t really remember it ever being this cold in SpringPatch!  Now if I told you I went and ran outside today, I probably would have had a great story for you.  Talking about how the snot froze to my face and my eyelids wouldn’t shut.  How I stopped to pee, and it froze midstream….  It is days like these the treadmill was made for.

So today at lunch, I came home to a toasty 72 degrees and ran on the treadmill for 5 miles at a 8:34 pace with the fan blowing on high.  Sweat dripping as I gazed out the steaming windows.

Did you run outside today?

Weekly Total: 15 miles