Bricking out the headlamp

Petzl-Tikkina-2-LED-HeadlampYes another play on works.  It is pretty easy to do with the word “brick”.  The sun is not hanging around very long these days and the training races are not starting any earlier.  Tonight we decided to turn around a the bridge on Prairie Creek Rd.  This is really cutting the course short.  But when it is dark at 7:30 there is nothing you can do, but leave earlier.

I did get a good 10 miles in before we even started.  With the short course, everyone was in the mindset of the turn around.  Why attack when you have to flip at the bridge?   We had a decent pace on the way out, but not leg exploding.  The way back we picked up the pace, because there was a finish line and a place to sprint.

I had a few good pulls and was kind of worried about the legs.  I wanted to take it as easy as possible and sit in, because Jason and I were going to run after the ride.

After the ride I met up with Jason at our usual corner and headed East on Washington.  The goal was to do a 10k at a decent pace.  My legs felt great, and with 2 miles to go, we lowered the pace to a 6:30 something mile.  At that point we split in to two different direction.  I had to break out my headlamp for the last mile.  Meadow Brook Rd was pitch black.  My 2 led headlamp was just bright enough to see the pavement.

It was a great workout.  I really think doing a brick once a week is really going to help in Austin.