Ok, so I had a rough night last night.  A podcast on beer is probably not the smartest thing I have ever tried.  The episode will be out next week if the camera survived the night.

One more thing… don’t plan on riding at 8:30, or 9:30 in the morning after a long night.  I found myself texting people at 7:00 saying, “don’t come over.  will ride this afternoon.”

By 11:00 I found myself getting ready for a brick.

I headed out for a short ride to Salisbury.  Just over 21 miles on the bike.  I then put the shoes on and headed back out down Washington St, taking in 4.5 miles.  The sweat felt so good.  The impurities left my body.

After the brick I was pretty much in a fog the rest of the day.  I think you will understand when you see the next episode.